Monday, 26 November 2007

Paris VS Nicole Part Two!

When I found out that Paris Hilton was hosting Nicole Richie’s baby shower, we knew it wouldn’t go by without some sort of scandal erupting – with walking volcano Paris at the centre of it, natch – but this latest drama could end their fragile friendship forever. Nicole struck up a deal to give exclusive photos of last weekend’s bash to fashion mag In Style – but someone, somewhere tried to flog some rather more informal snaps to another magazine for more than $3000. And, as Paris features prominently in these particular shots, insiders are whispering that she might have had something to do with it. “All the photos that were offered had Paris right in the centre of them, as the star," says one source. “They look set up. None of the money would have been for Paris – for her it’s about the attention.” However, an official spokesman for Pazza denies the rumours. "Paris was a hostess of the shower, which a large number of people attended. Many of these guests were taking photos with camera phones… there is no way she had anything to do with this,” he says.
To me this is paris's pay back to nicole for showing her sex tape..... but this is getting boring cause does anyone really care if they are still friends like we all know simple life is not real. what you did't know ahh sorry better not tell you about farther chrismas and the tooth fairy!

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