Monday, 8 October 2007

Maybe she not soo bad

so here what sarah has to say about what happen at the vma's:

“I wish I didn’t do the VMAs. I totally regret it. I liked the jokes I did, but all anyone focused on was that it was mean. But they put me on immediately after Britney, so I had to do jokes. Everyone else laughed, but Britney wasn’t ready to laugh at herself. Every time she’s been on the VMAs, it’s been a spectacle - something amazing. I heard she was gonna have this magician, there’d be fire and smoke, and I would be the little comedian making fun of the big star. I caught a glimpse of her at rehearsal and she was walking through it, and then at the actual performance, she did that same thing! And then I come out and I’m an asshole.”

ok mabye she not a complete bitch... i supose i have to understand she only doing her job!

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Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Sarah. everyone sees her as a bad person for her comments.

At the base, they're just jokes