Monday, 1 October 2007

If only...

Ben Affleck blamed his relationship on JLo as the reason why he's been in a few shitty movies including the ones he starred with her.

Ben told Details Magazine i n their November issue, “It was probably bad for my career (dating JLo). What happens is this sort of bleed-over from the tabloids across your movie work. You go to a movie, you only go once. But the tabloids and Internet are everywhere. You can really subsume the public image of somebody. I ended up in an unfortunate crosshair position where I was in a relationship and [the media] mostly lied and inflated a bunch of salacious stuff for the sake of selling magazines. And I paid a certain price for that. Then, in concert with some movies that didn’t work…”

Ben is right. He sure did a lot of shitty movies after he broke up with JLo:

Jersey Girl
Surviving Christmas
Man About Town

Turkey after turkey! JLo's booty scent probably clouded up his better judgement. Either that or Ben is just a moron that doesn't know how to pick good movies and likes to blame things on others. I'll go with the latter.
Source Dlisted.
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