Monday, 3 December 2007

The Pussycat Dolls Must Hate Nicole!

Nicole Scherzinger is a Bitch! There you go i said it she's a bitch. Read this and find out why!
The Pussycat Dolls lead vocalist sounds less than enthusiastic in this new interview about working on a new PCD album.
“For me, I’m excited to do my stuff, because sometimes less is more,” she says. “Right now I’m going to focus strictly on [solo album] Her Name Is Nicole, but when the time is right, we have some PCD fans out there so we’ll maybe do another Pussycat Dolls album.”
Im sorry but the Pussycat Dolls songs are 10 times better then Nicoles song and anyway i don't even think she should be the lead singer....Melody is so much better then her!


Anonymous said...

u r so freakin' right melody is a better singer than her. i think pcd can make a good album without. ps shes not da only 1 who can sing ex. asia ,carmit of course MELODY!!

Anonymous said...

Don't say she's a B****. Who are you to say things like that??
She does what she wants, if she wanna focus on her solo career, she's right!! The PCD are nothin whithout her, be honest! I'm not a Nicole fan at all but she's much more talented than the others

Tosin101 said...

I just don't like the fact that nicole thinks she has the right to decided wheather or not there will be a next pcd album. Pcd hav more fans then she does by herself. i dnt think she is anymore talented then melody or carmit she just lucky. I can also call her a bitch if that is how i feel i have the right cause it is my blog by all means vocie your oppinions but dnt tell me not to do something on my own blog.

eTrain said...

Carmit chose to leave the group and says in her blog that "Exciting news is coming" & Asia decided to pursue a solo career instead of joining the Dolls.