Monday, 19 November 2007

Usher To Be a Scientologist?

Star magazine is stating that Usher is one of the newest victims of the Scientology cult:

It looks like Scientology is adding another celebrity to it’s ranks… Usher!
“He’s so excited,” a source close to the singer tells Star, “He’s in training
now.” The reason: fatherhood! “He thinks it’s important to raise his baby as a
Scientology,” says the source. Usher, who is expecting a boy with new wife
Tameka Foster any day now, is so serious that he co-chaired a $1,500-a-plate
fundraiser for both his New Look Foundation and Scientology’s controversial New
York City Rescue Workers Detoxification Project. Meanwhile, ├╝ber-Scientologist
Tom Cruise sits on the board of Usher’s foundation, which tries to assist
“underserved communities” through social programs.

This is getting out of hand. First getting married to old broads, then joining the weirdo Scientology cult…Usher say it ain’t so.

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