Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Nicole scherwzinger Blogs!

R&B singer Nicole Scherzinger has recently posted (November 4th) a new blog on her Official Myspace. In this new entry, The "Baby Love" singer talks about her recent EMAs appearance/performance AND she says a few words about her upcoming debut solo album release (Coming out early 2008):

"I must say Germany and the EMA's were very kind and good to me this year and were sweet with all their comments which made me feel like such a hula princess! Its all about spreadin the BABY LOVE!!!! And I can't wait to go back. It does feel good to be home and well...just want all the fans to know that I am going to put my album out soon and at the right time...timing is everything.Until then, I want everyone to know I am still working away relentlessly on trying to complete this album to bring you thee best Nicole music possible that will keep you relating and moving and grooving and just loving!"
How Exciting!

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