Sunday, 4 November 2007

It's official... Break the ice is 2nd single!

Guys forget about the last post like i hopped Jive is ready to release the next single 'Break The Ice' (produced by Nate Hills), which is expected to hit the airwaves in mid-November.Brit's second music video from her album, "Blackout," is in the works!

Britney's close friend Sam Lufti has exclusively revealed to OK! Magazine that a new music video (Brak the Ice?) is in pre-production. Miss Spears is still deciding whether she wants to be alone in the video or wants to have dancers with her.

Good choice!!


affanazami said...

tell u what?
i love break the ice too!
piece of me is not a great song after all!
tis is sure a hit!
i love Get Naked (I got Plan)
Dun u?

Tosin 101 said...

yh i love get naked but my favs r radar hot as ice and toy soilder but all in all it a really good album! did you buy it?

affanazami said...

ya! i did!
but in malaysia,
the sales are not tat huge thou