Thursday, 1 November 2007

Beyonce to Dance!

R&B star Beyonce is going for a more "dance" sound for her next studio album. It's been reported, via, that B has asked The Freemasons (popular dance/electronica english production team) to work on a new song for her next LP. Here's what James Wiltshire, one half of the duo, said about it:
"The album is going to be huge. It will rival anything the likes of Britney and Rihanna have done recently. Beyoncé and her team can see where mistakes were made on her last album. That was very American, very r'n'b and stripped back. This time they want to go for a more international sound and hit as many audiences as possible"

She such a Wannabe!


Anonymous said...

What???????? what do you mean wannabe...she can out sing any other artist out there....and if she wants to ADD to her skills let her....better for the rest of us!!!..this is the first bad post ive seen in this blog so i hope i dont see more!!!!...

Juicy UK said...

Beyonce is a liar she makes out she's this amazing song writer her sister Solange wrote nearly all of her album and Beyonce claimed she wrote "irreplacable" Ne-yo wrote that !!

Beyonce needs to make this next album better than her last 1 !