Saturday, 6 October 2007

Some news

Hey guys just here to let you guys know of some new updates alist world are going through. Firstly i know i keep sayin im getting a new layout but the last person let me down big time but anyway im working with someone new and we are going through possible new looks so keep an eye out for that before the end of the month! Next from this sunday everyweek ill have a post called "is it me or is.." this is where I share my views on an major topic of the week and see if you guys agree. plus ill be adding a new poll in the sidebar so be sure to vote!
Another thing is im looking for someone to join the A.List world team as i really don't have enough time to update the blog 24/7 so if you are intrested let me know in the c-box!
That all Folks I hope you are enjoying your time at A.list and be sure to comment!

1 comment:

Juicy UK said...

sorry to hear that the layout thing fell through x x x x x x i'll be checking back 4 ur HOT layout