Thursday, 25 October 2007

Revealed: What the X Factor contestants will be singing on Saturday!

It’s only Thursday morning, but we’re already thinking about the weekend – and specifically The X Factor. How will the remaining contestants get on this week, what will they be wearing, and, most importantly of all, what will they be singing? Well, we couldn’t stand to wait any longer, so we’ve managed to find out what The X Factor guys and gals will be belting out this weekend. And it's certainly an interesting list. So what do you think of the song choices? Who’s gonna rock the house and who’s going to be sent packing? We’ll have to wait to tune into ITV1 at 5.45pm this Saturday to find out, but isn’t speculating fun?
Alisha: Say A Little Prayer
Emily: Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman
Andy: Staying Alive
Leon: Home
Rhyd: Phantom Of The Opera
Dan: Build Me Up Buttercup
Bev: I Have Nothing
Niki: My Heart Will Go On
Same Difference: Breaking Free
Futureproof: If You Don't Know Me By Now
Hope: Lady Marmalade
Simon cowel is so clever giving same difference breaking free from high school musical!