Saturday, 6 October 2007

Kyle Update.

Here's the cover for the upcoming Kylie Minogue album entitled "X" due out on November 26th. This will be her first new studio album in four years. Kylie shot a few days ago the music video for her new single "2 Hearts" with director Dawn Shadforth in London. According to The Mirror, "Kylie will be wearing a latex black catsuit, poisonous red lips, and big blonde curly hair" and an insider at the shoot told them that the vid, "It's just visually amazing. It's like nothing you've ever seen Kylie do before." The single and video will be released next month.

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babs said...

Hi I need help could you tell me what kyle new album is called please. thanks you could email me back on this Ps your page is cool.
Thanks for your help :)