Saturday, 20 October 2007

Kimberly Axed From X Factor

Ok just finished watching the X factor results (Witch by the way is filmed 5 mins from my house) and i am shocked with the results. For those who missed it or not from the uk let me run it down for you. Basically the wrong two were in the bottom! Kimberly and Aleisha OH MY GOD I was a 100% sure it was going to be Leon and same difference who were both alwful! but anyway both Kimberly and Aleisha put on a brave face and performed again... Oh yeah guys by this time Sharron Osbourne had left by this point as both of them were in her group and sharone refused to take part in the vote witch i respect and shows she has loyalty!
So both Kimberly and Alesha sang and simon voted for kimberly to go home danni voted alesha so it was up to louie and he said Kimberly!!! so She got the boot!!!
well i agree but Leon should of gone trust me!!!
It was just WRONG!
Guys let me know what you think of the results!

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