Wednesday, 24 October 2007

HMV sell out Of Bleeding love!

Leona mania is taking over the UK. So high is the demand for copies of her new single Bleeding Love that some branches of HMV have actually sold out of copies. But don’t panic Leona fans, more CDs are being dispatched. Phew! In fact, according our pals at HMV, Leona is on course to sell an amazing 250,000 singles, making Bleeding Love the fastest selling single of the year. Wow.
Britney For Sure won't be number 1


caro said...

im glad that britney wont be the number 1! she doesnt deserve it! leona is way better for sure!

Tosin 101 said...

yh i agree Gimme more is a great track but bleeding love has so much power!!

Anthony said...

bleeding love all the way. Leona needs this alot more than britney