Tuesday, 23 October 2007

My New Blackout covers!

Here are my unoffical Blackout covers. I know I've done one before but i think these are ten times better! Better then the real one? nahh only joking but anyway let me know what you think but be nice!


Henrick said...

Not very good! Infact, SHIT! They look sooooooo fan made and u didn't even use nice photos or good font or photoshop for that matter! think u shouldgive it up if u think that these are good! I'm not being rude just truthful! If you don't wanna hear the truth then maybe u should think about shutting the site down or stop asking us every 10 seconds to comment your shitty little posts! Some people wanna enjoy your posts without being harrassed into commenting! Hope you reply truthfully to this message as it will make your site a bit more bearable

Tosin 101 said...

dude thanks for your opinion... but if my site is soo "unbearable" then dnt visit!!! Im not begging you. it seems you are wasting your time coming on here.. FUCK OFF then!!!! it so easy to hype over the internet I like to see you do a better blog then a.list world! It my blog i can do what the hell i want. dnt fuckin tell me what to do! Henrick if that your real name so easy to prentend to be someone!
neway like i said Fuck off u twat if u dnt wanna read my posts!!
Hope thats honest enough for you!!

Juicy UK said...

i like them :)I can't wait 4 the album x x x

Anthony said...

that person was really mean. i cant believe how some people thing they can just say what they like because its on the internet. they wouldnt be so insulting and opinionated in real life im sure. you worked hard on those covers! good for you! x YES i will be affiliates BTW - luckystar Music