Sunday, 21 October 2007

First Review of new Spice Girls song

so A Newspaper in the uk called News of the world have got the first review of the new spice girls track and from what it says it pretty hot!!! anyway guys here it is and don't forget to comment:

I AM the FIRST to listen to the new SPICE GIRLS single—and trust me, you Wannabe getting your hands on this track because it's fantastic.

I predict that the girls will make a triumphant return to the top with this up-beat, funky number and a new message about...Woman Power!
Woman is the first song all five girls have recorded together in nine years since GERI HALLIWELL left. But now Ginger is back alongside POSH, SPORTY, BABY and SCARY.

The song, due out in November, looks set to be released as a double A-side single with a track called Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).
The girls proudly sing about how they're happier than ever.

I can also reveal that despite pledging never to sing again, VICTORIA BECKHAM is given one of the major solo parts on the single.

Posh puts on her best sultry voice to sing about no longer being a teenager. Then it's over to powerful MEL C, who dominates the four-minute tune. A quiet Geri pops in before the MEL B and EMMA BUNTON solos. Then the girls triumphantly declare together: "Woman, woman, woman!"

It's as catchy as Who Do You Think You Are, but this time Spice management have used funky electro beats for a more sophisticated sound.

A source in the Spice camp told me: "Just like TAKE THAT, the Girls have developed their sound for the comeback."
Sounds amazing!!

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