Monday, 22 October 2007

Diva Alert and it not just Posh!

WANNABE pop legends take note. The SPICE GIRLS recorded their comeback video this weekend amid an explosion of tears, rows and diva antics.
The five got together at Pinewood Studios on Friday to shoot the promo vid for their new single Headlines (Friendship Never Ends).
And from what I hear, it’s a miracle they’re still together. New mum EMMA BUNTON cried like a Big Baby Spice after the shoot ran on to 3am.
MEL B spent the whole day moaning about her jetlag after flying in from LA. GERI HALLIWELL insisted on a particular brand of bottled water, then kept holding up filming while she meditated.
And VICTORIA BECKHAM got an assistant to follow her around carrying fruit and champagne.
The marathon session was too much even for sporty MEL C – who was desperate to go home.
My onset source told me: “Things were very delayed. The director was tearing his hair out and threatened to walk.
“The girls were so tired and Emma was crying as the shoot just went on and on.
“Geri kept slowing things down by meditating and doing strange spiritual stuff.
“It’s just like before, only even bigger. That’s their egos I’m talking about, not their boobs.”

And they had to do it all again on Saturday when the band filmed an ad for Tesco.
Their new song, this year’s Children In Need single, is out on November 19. It is one of two new songs on their Greatest Hits album.
I’m delighted the girls are back.
Their diva antics are the mark of true superstars.
The pop world was in desperate need of a bit of spicing up.

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