Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Blackout A Big Success!

Britney Spears's private life may be going through a rough patch right now - but her music is still going strong, as she proves on her new comeback album "Blackout" just released this week. After her non-stop problems this year, the nations expectations of her long-awaited fifth album were slim - but as it turns out, it's her best work yet. With non stop 5 star reviews and loads of #1 spot predictions, we take a look at how "Blackout" is making an impact all over!
#1 iTunes
#1 United States
#1 Germany
#1 Denmark
#1 Ireland
#1 New Zealand
#1 Norway
#1 UK
Hits Daily Double predicts #1 debut from "Blackout" on Billboard!
Big predictions "Blackout" will reach #1 in UK album chart.
MTV: "As her new Jive / ZLG Blackout album hits the streets, Britney Spears logs more than 1 million streams at MTV 's The Leak , by far the biggest total ever for the program".
EW: "The nasty custody battle. The hair-razing meltdown. The trips to rehab. The abysmal VMAs performance. Shall we go on? All of 25-year-old Britney Spears' recent setbacks suggest that her fifth CD, ominously titled Blackout, would fan the flames of her hot mess of a year. Well, brace yourself for the biggest shock yet: Blackout — a collection of well-produced, thoroughly enjoyable dance songs — may just put this once-celebrated pop star back on top."
Best Pop Album of 2007!!

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