Saturday, 29 September 2007

Britney's first Album review!!!

Ok the sun newspaper (which is anewspaper over here in the uk) are the first to here britneys album and they did a review and here it is:

HER disastrous performance at the MTV awards threatened to destroy her much-hyped return.
But I’m the first journalist in the world to hear her new album and I can tell you — BRITNEY’s back, bitch!
After firing her manager, publicist and assistant, the singer is effectively pushing this album out on to the world stage on her own.
And after my one-off preview, I can see why she has the confidence to go it alone — it’s hot!
You’ve probably already heard the single, Gimme More — which opens with the explosive line “It’s Britney, bitch”.
The track, which has been kicking around on the net for a while, failed to set the MTV stage alight thanks to her dodgy lip synching and dancing.
But I reckon the rest of the album, as yet un-named, more than justifies the hype.
Britney is at her thumping best, with heavy-duty electro pop blending brilliantly with her distinctive vocals.
The stand-out track is Piece Of Me — a personal rant about how the whole world wants something from her.
It opens with the line: “I’m Mrs American Dream, since 17, they want a piece of me.”
The chorus really hits home with a message about the crazy publicity circus surrounding the fallen pop princess.
She sings: “I’m successful, rich and famous, I’m Mrs Oh My God I’m Britney Shameless,
“I’m Mrs Extra, Extra, This Just In, I’m Mrs She’s Too Big, She’s Too Thin.”
It is punctuated throughout with the line “You want a piece of me” — summing up how she feels about the state of her life.This is Britney hitting back at her critics — the media, the music industry, her estranged parents and the fans who turned on her.
But there is also a love song — albeit with a beat-crunching dance vibe — called Heaven On Earth, which sounds like it is about her ex-hubby KEVIN FEDERLINE. It’s clear from the lyrics that she still loves him.
She sings: “There’s nothing I can do, I’m really crazy about you, when you’re next to me it’s just like Heaven on Earth.”
It continues: “I’d move across the world for you, just tell me when, where, I’ll come to you.”
Other stand-out tracks include Break The Ice and Radar.
They were produced by the likes of BLOODSHY & AVANT and TIMBALAND-protege DANJA, so as you’d expect, all the songs are edgy, with gut-busting beats.
Due to Brit’s chaotic lifestyle the album doesn’t have a name, the artwork isn’t finished and no one at her record label, Jive, is sure whether she will do anything to promote it.
Gimme More is out on November 5, but the release date for the album — November 12 — could change.
All the same, I reckon Britney can’t fail to convince the world she’s back, bitch. Got it!